A Publishing Primer

Since I dissed writing contests last time, I suppose I should now burst the litmag bubble. Hey, folks, before you accuse me of curmudgeonly sins, realize I'm only doing this to show a way through the wilderness to the promised land. First, there are precious few commercial magazines willing to publish fiction these days. In […]

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Writing contests

There's been a lot of talk in recent months regarding writing contests, most of it because of perceived – or real – scams. Poets & Writers magazine carries the body count fairly regularly on these, and some involve real malfeasance. Writing contests are one of the avenues for aspiring writers to amp up their resumes, […]

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Of Diversity and Commonality

Yesterday my wife and I were discussing a pair of books written about nations more or less closed to U.S. residents: The Kite Runner and Waiting For Snow in Havana. Both were written by authors from the countries in question, Afghanistan and Cuba, and we agree both are poorly written. Not that they don't have […]

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Hokkaido Highway Blues

I'm continually finding books that escaped my notice earlier, this one Hokkaido Highway Blues, by Will Ferguson, a book I'm reading in a MLA curriculum class taught by Peg Downes, who certainly has a good eye for interesting books. This one was published in 1998 by Soho Press (for you writers out there, take note: […]

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