Whose style?

I had thought about not blogging this week – I have finals next week, and time is, well, the enemy. But as the semester flashed before me tonight, one thing about it stood out: the style of writing required for each class. One class involved a unique take on world literature. Papers for that class […]

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Selected Shorts week

Last week's post mentioned Jon Harris' book regarding his Navy flying experiences and how those experiences marbled his after-life, a life in which he supervised a small military academy and later entered ministry service. A former Navy aviation honcho and neighbor of mine recently read the book and was highly complimentary. So, Jon, one of […]

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Jon Harris’s New Wings

Okay, it’s time for a bit of self-disclosure, toward a larger purpose. I recently received a book written one Jon Richard Harris, Wings of the Morning – Flight and Faith in War and Peace. First, Jon and I have an historical connection. We’re both from Louisiana, both from military families, and we both attended the […]

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A recent op-ed piece in the New York Times by Joseph Finder plays off the Dan Brown, DaVinci Code thing to toy with us a bit. By his accounting, fiction emerged from history as history's fraudulent form. He cites Dumas, Defoe, and Gide as practitioners of this nefarious art. An ironic bit from the literary […]

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