Cormac McCarthy’s Children of God

Having just re-read McCarthy’s Child of God, I find myself trying to piece together some overarching consistency to his work. What I discover is that declaring him a champion of the oppressed is too simplistic, as is the more common epithet that McCarthy is a fake Faulkner. But McCarthy’s work is more subtle and complex […]

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Howling about Howl

As promised: my view of “Howl” Fifty Years Later – The Poem that Changed America, edited by Jason Shinder. The first thing that makes this book a treasure is a 1956 mimeographed copy of Allen Ginsberg’s manuscript. Even if you own an original copy of the City Lights edition of this work, this photocopy is […]

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More Selected Shorts

I continue to take it on the chin concerning creative writing contests. Writing colleague Nancy Purcell wrote me some months ago that she was entering the Doris Betts Short Story contest for 2006 and suggested I enter, too. You can read in the archives here about my taste for contests, so I declined. Today she […]

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