The Best of Lesser Known Writers

I may be repeating myself a little here, but I want to use this end-of-the-year post to tout three known writers who should be much more widely appreciated. Each is an established and capable writer, each a member of that dwindling literary fraternity known as mid-list writers. Ron Hansen cut his teeth on literary westerns, […]

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J.K. Rowling and Richard Adams

The hubbub about the new — and last — of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, has me thinking once more of Richard Adams. Adams, also a British writer, and famed for Watership Down, his book of the early seventies, has also had to bear the awkward mantle of fantasy writer. As you may remember, Watership […]

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Something from me to you

It's the season of giving, and since I give my opinions of others' writing on a regular basis, I thought I'd better throw some of mine out for public consumption. Nothing to wow the literary world, you understand, just one of the final projects from my creative writing course, a creative non-fiction piece. Cynn Chadwick, […]

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On Grabbing the Brass Ring

Since I have a minuscule background in things naval, I recently picked up a pair of novels, two parts of a trilogy on John Paul Jones, by Nicholas Nicastro. Nicastro, like most published novelists, is relatively unknown, but the man has a mean set of literary chops. Having just completed the first of the series, […]

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The Sunset Limited

Cormac McCarthy’s progression from novel to drama currently culminates with his most recently published work, “The Sunset Limited.” His displayed tendency toward baring dramatic bones is no more obvious than here. I’ve commented on his spare prose more than once, but with Sunset, the abstractness of it likely reaches its literary limit. Sunset is written […]

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