The Real Non-fiction

Maybe the reason I gave the short story the “once over lightly” treatment last week was because I’ve covered so much of the particulars — voice, point of view, dialogue, narrative, etc — in previous blog commentaries. In re-reading last week’s offering, I do realize I didn’t cover beginnings and endings well, and I’ll try […]

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The Short Story

To begin this brief series on several of the prose forms of literature, I want to start with the short story. Some claim this form dates to Aristotle, but it certainly has a history based in oral story-telling traditions. The Greeks had their form, from which poetry sprang, but there are other forms from every […]

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Odd Things Week

I had a nice letter from David Hurt this week. David co-authored the book I reviewed last time, At Leningrad's Gates. He reminds me of a couple of minor factual changes I might make in my review, and I'll do so following this post. Hope the book sells well, David, both for you and for […]

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At Leningrad’s Gates

Recovery from being near-blinded by the flu was swift, although not swift enough, and I was able to convalesce for a couple days with book in hand. This one from my stack, was entitled At Leningrad’s Gates and authored by William Lubbeck, a resident of the town I now call home. It’s not the stuff […]

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