Tolstoy’s Hadji Murad

I recently came across a little known book written by Leo Tolstoy, Hadji Murad. The book’s a short one, apparently derived from Tolstoy’s Russian army experiences fighting Chechens. The scenario sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Goes to show that ethnic and religious divisions are persistent to whatever bitter end. Hadji Murad is a Chechen tribesman who […]

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Spring and Manuscript Marketing

Here in the mountains, spring came in April, then summer. Once everything blossomed, winter came again. T.S. Eliot was right – April is the cruelest month. It’s also time to again begin peddling what I’ve written. I had lunch with writing sidekick Nancy, and she was spitting nails. She had approached a company that – […]

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The Lying Tongue

When I began this blog I promised myself I wouldn’t be a grouch when it came to my opinion on books. I reasoned that striking a curmudgeonly pose would be seen as jealousy on my part – someone has just had such-and-such published, while I haven’t in a few years. Well, I’m reneging on that […]

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Workshopping Manuscripts

I had another e-mail exchange with The Knife regarding his choice of writers’ conferences this summer. He hasn’t decided yet, telling me he wasn’t wild about workshopping a manuscript, particularly with writers he didn’t know. The Knife likes to hold his cards pretty close to the vest when it comes to writing and critiques and, […]

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