Good Samaritan Time

I received a reply to my last post – something having nothing at all to do with books or writing – a Maria Papoila from Portugal wanted to report a missing child: Madeleine McCann, 4 years old,disappeared from The Ocean Club resort, Praia da Luz, Lagos, Portugal, in the evening of May 3, 2007. Police […]

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Stayin’ Alive

Wife Becca is in New Zealand and Australia for three+ weeks, and school is over for yours truly. The poetry class I was less-than-enraptured with four months ago turned out nicely. It was a challenge writing poetry on the fly – some sixteen pieces in as many weeks – and with Prof. Rick Chess yapping […]

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Fieldwork, by Mischa Berlinski

It’s perhaps an appropriate irony that I found the novel, Fieldwork, at the same time as The Lying Tongue (which I recently reviewed). Like Lying Tongue, Fieldwork, by Mischa Berlinski, is a novel set in an exotic locale (Thailand, this time), the protagonist (eponymously named, this time) also in search of clues to the life […]

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