On Reviewing Books

After almost two years’ worth of posts on books and writing, it seems that I’ve gotten the cart before the horse. While I’ve talked a lot about writing and how the reader and writer see things differently on the written page, I’ve never taken the time to give my views on book reviews. In today’s […]

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On Chesil Beach – Part 2

My thought last week was that that post was necessary to give the reader a feel for the influences pulling on McEwan. First, it’s a romantic story a la the earliest English novels, and it’s told in an epistolary manner, i.e. virtually all narrative. The importance of the latter point is that narrative in the […]

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Heyday, by Kurt Andersen

There’s a marked lack of interest in fiction today. By that I mean the sort of realistically imagined story that – if I may be granted momentary use of a literary cliché – tells the lie to reveal the greater truth. Readers, as well as TV viewers, are more interested in – and here I […]

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