Teacher Man, by Frank McCourt

At last, I thank my lucky stars for a touching memoir. McCourt’s “Angela’s Ashes” was well received, and rightly so, an endearing but gritty look at the life of twentieth century Irish immigrants to the U.S. “‘Tis” didn’t go over as well, but Teacher Man proves the first wasn’t a fluke. In this one, McCourt […]

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Holy The Firm, by Annie Dillard

Dillard tends to see divine things in the most common. Don’t believe me: read Pilgrim At Tinker Creek, if you want a second opinion. Holy The Firm, another in my series of non-fiction classics, is a quick read—just seventy-five pages. Such short books allow you—require, actually, in this one’s case—to read it twice, perhaps a […]

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My Misspent Youth, by Meghan Daum

In this second in a series of looks at how non-fiction works are carried out by the pros, I’m looking at Meghan Daum’s compilation of essays entitled, “My Misspent Youth.” In these, Daum, a freelance writer and journalist a la Joan Didion, takes on the common but fringe aspects of everyday life in the U.S. […]

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