Selected Shorts VIII

I thought, after last week’s post, and with this pic of Tolstoy in mind, that I should share a couple more bits of perspective on the new, battling versions of War and Peace. The unexpurgated version was, by Tolstoy’s own admission an un-novel. He wanted it to be something more – a literary form more […]

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Selected Shorts VII

Two new books appeared on my doorstep this week, the subject of this two-fisted post. The first is a classic, with a twist: a new translation of Tolstoy’s War and Peace. Two new translations appeared in print near-simultaneously, one abridged, this one the whole magilla – 1215 pages – Tolstoy’s complete version, translated by Richard […]

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Selected Shorts VI

Success in publishing for the struggling writer comes mostly in small, short-piece doses and — alas — has very little to do with publishing book length pieces. As has been reported here before, publishing is a very competitive game. You may be writing great stuff, but with the thousands of small pieces in litmags or […]

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On Deck For The Holidays

What with school in session, I have little time for recreational reading these days, so I’m amassing a stack of rec-reading material for the holiday season. I thought I’d list these now as a way of hopefully eliciting comments from you, thereby priming the pump for future posts regarding them. The list: Mark Twain, by […]

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