Selected Shorts XIII

Another subject I've virtually beaten to death here (and I'm not alone – the Internet press is hot on my heels) is the paradox of multiplying book sales and the difficulty writers – new, mid-list, or otherwise – have in getting into print. This week's NYT Books Update recognizes this issue and proffers something of […]

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Rudel and Me

After a pleasant trip to the NC coast with UNCA Masters Program Director Dr. Bill Spellman for the NC Graduate Liberal Studies Conference in Wilmington, I can report that my presentation on Hans-Ulrich Rudel was warmly received. I wasn't sure as things progressed, especially after noting frowns at the subject matter (the war on the […]

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Selected Shorts XII

My favorite book blog, besides my own, The Millions, recently reported that while book retail sales are tanking, that B&N and Borders may be married, fiction sales are up, particularly graphic fiction and romance. Take that, serious fiction writers. I dare not expose my dear reader(s) to another column straight from the Times Literary Supplement, […]

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