Exiles, by Ron Hansen

I ‘m excited to blog on this book, because Hansen has long been one of my favorite writers for a decade. His literary interests have been eclectic, and his skill at writing is something of a prototype for me. He’s moved from literary westerns to medieval religious culture and persecution, to Hitler’s Third Reich, to […]

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Selected Shorts XVI

Lyn Hawks, one of my writing colleagues and fellow writers-in-residence at Peace College in ’03, has finally crashed the fiction market. Not that she needs to, you understand. She teaches creative writing to blooming youth, has co-written a book, The Compassionate Classroom, and maintains two blogs, A Writer’s Journey, and Lyn Hawks. Having her own […]

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War and Peace – Epilogue

In his summing up of this grand, panoramic story of nations at war, Tolstoy’s intent in writing this tome finally emerges. He fully realizes the book isn’t a novel, nor is it history – although at times it’s both. He knows he’s reaching deeper, beyond the epic, beyond what he sees as a tradition of […]

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Volume IV

Here Tolstoy offers a contrast of Moscow’s ills to Petersburg’s relative insulation from the war. “But the calm, luxurious life of Petersburg, concerned only with phantoms, with reflections of life, went on as of old…” This pretty well sums up this portion of the narrative. Then Tolstoy reflects this as he turns to the lives […]

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