Selected Shorts XVII

Farewell To Arms
On October 27th, I defend my literary project for my Masters of Liberal Arts degree. Ahead lie five days of rehearsal on my part, a re-assimilation of facts, dates, insights. My focus for the defense could best be posed as a question. Did these German (and Soviet) combatants lose their humanity over the span of four years of the nastiest fighting known to man?
I believe they did not. While having their minds invaded by Nazi dogma, they seem to have remained for the most part true to human drives. If this doesn’t stand up to scrutiny, I’ll let you know.
At this point I’m five chapters from the end of my manuscript on H-U Rudel. I’ll be into February finishing and polishing. My thanks and heartfelt sympathies to all those who critiqued, put up with my cranky, protective nature, and all that.
Oldies Alive

One of my writing colleagues, Peggy Millin, has had a quote of hers – from one of her publications – bleed onto the web and resurface on OPRAH, of all places. Goes to show, the vagaries of the literary world, as well as the staying power of good writing. You go, Peggy!
Poets and Writers

The Nov/Dec issue contains an interview with Toni Morrison, arguably the U.S.’s premier person-of-letters today. I don’t often find anything relevant in such interviews, but TM is a giant, and this one deals! Don’t miss it.


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