Sage Words From Bolaño

Okay, a couple of weeks ago I promised some words of advice for writers from Roberto Bolaño. Okaay…maybe it isn’t exactly advice, but, well, you’ll see what I mean. Here ‘tis: “Every minor work has a secret author and every secret author is, by definition, a writer of masterpieces. Who writes the minor work? A […]

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2666, by Roberto Bolaño – Part 2

In early reviews of the book, the reviewers—probably because of hasty readings—dwell on the obvious: Part 4 and the serial killings in Mexico. Also the title, that mysterious date, seems to draw similar attention. While these are worthy points of interest, I suspect they are part of Roberto Bolaño’s subterfuge. If Part 4 and the […]

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2666, by Roberto Bolaño – Part 1

2666 is perhaps the most talked about book of 2008. It’s a 900-page challenge for the reader and, I suspect, a godsend for academic and journalistic literary critics. The book has been around for awhile in Spanish (published in 2004), only recently translated into English by Natasha Wimmer. Incidentally, I must say something about the […]

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Take this as something of a New Year’s resolution from yours truly. There is good news for new writers hoping to break into print: The Wired Blog Network posted a piece recently claiming that a software developer had come to an agreement with several major publishing houses to publish e-books in a form compatible with […]

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