Take this as something of a New Year’s resolution from yours truly. There is good news for new writers hoping to break into print:
The Wired Blog Network posted a piece recently claiming that a software developer had come to an agreement with several major publishing houses to publish e-books in a form compatible with iPods and iPhones.
While this isn’t the ideal platform for e-books, it indicates that the publishing industry has quit wringing its hands over paper sales and has sidled into a commitment to the electronic media. With the popularity of these Apple products, this can only bode well for writers desiring publication.
The Jan/Feb 2009 issue of Poets & Writers contains an interview with four your lit agents, who are asked questions we all want to have answered. Asked where they find their new fiction, they mention the following – in order:
• Slush. So keep on tossing those manuscripts over the transom.
• Referrals. Join a writer’s group – invite published writers and agents to speak, then schmooze a bit.
• The “better” MFA programs. I’ve said enough on that subject.
• Breadloaf. These summer writing courses are offered in round-robin fashion around the country, but they’re expensive. Still, they are noticed.

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