The Great “So What??”

Once in a great while I drift away from fiction and such to read a book that seems to underpin my interest in creative writing, how ideas are communicated through stories, and what makes these stories historically and socially enduring as well as darned fascinating. Which is today’s lead-in to a book dryly entitled, “The […]

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The Holy City, by Patrick McCabe

Irish novels always prove interesting reads to me, in that they take on a poetic sensibility. But they often dwell in what seems insular fashion on Irish idioms, culture, and places to a degree that keeps me running to keep up, as if I’m experiencing life there in an all too exotic manner. As a […]

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Selling It

Now that I’ve completed my WWII novel manuscript and have breathed a sigh of satisfaction, it’s time to sit before the task of selling it. This is the point at which many of us flail in frustration – there’s just not that much consistent information or advice out there as to how to go about […]

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