Author, are you fortunate enough to have a book in publication? If so, how is book distribution working for you? The latest hitchnews found itself concerned with the ability of authors to reel in helpful information regarding demographics of book buyers. After some investigation, hitchnews discovered that our two largest book distributors -Ingram and Baker […]

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Amsterdam, by Ian McEwan

I often wonder that people read a book only once. Some will listen to music over and over, often see the same movie multiple times. But not so with books. All this to say this is my third (or fourth – I forget) reading of McEwan’s short novel, Amsterdam. With well-written fiction pieces such as […]

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Snow Mountain Passage – A Novel of the Donner Party, by James D. Houston

When one decides to take on an historical fiction writing project, where does one start? In an era in which agents and editors are hyper-conscious of the need for unique stories – or unusual slants on old stories – this question is important. Since I’ve nudged my writing toward non-fiction and historical fiction, I’ve taken […]

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Blindness, by José Saramago

I like this book. Saramago, a Portuguese writer, knows what most of us writers don’t – how to tell a story, mostly in narrative, and to dole his suspense out over nearly every page, leaving no arid spots for the reader to skip over. I’ll have to admit, though, that his narrative turned me off […]

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