Is It Time To Publish Digital?

This past week a creative writing teacher-friend of mine wrote me about a student of hers who had signed a book of his to a university press, only to discover that the mom-and-pop book stores were refusing to accept his book because of the deep discount the press was asking for. What gives? my friend […]

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On Passing Literary Muster

Olive Kitteridge, by Elizabeth Strout Elizabeth Strout has concocted in this book a series of thirteen short stories, eponymously connected to the title character. Let me begin by giving you something akin to the one page synopsis that agents and publishers ask from aspiring writers: Elizabeth enters from Crosby, Maine-first and foremost, as it turns […]

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Irish History Through a Lens Darkly

The Secret Scripture, by Sebastian Barry It surprised me on first hearing that personal testimony in court cases is no longer considered reliable. But once I’d read on the subject and put myself though comparable memory tests, I became a believer. Sebastian Barry, an Irish playwright and author with a Man Booker nomination to his […]

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