The Google Book Settlement

I'll make this post brief – this link to the e-news source, Wired, says it all, and I don't want to be too repetitive. Suffice it to say that some rather high octane writers have come out against the Google settlement, in particular the role the Authors Guild had in blessing it. The Authors Guild's […]

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Digital Is Comin’ At Us!

The future of books rests, it seems, with the new digital realm. Blog posts pop up everywhere lately, as do, ironically, a rising tide of newspaper articles on digital publishing. The latest addition to the digital reader marketplace appeared a week or so ago from Apple with its iPad. It joins Amazon’s Kindle and Sony’s […]

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A Tale of Two Translations

Hadji Murad, by Leo Tolstoy My writing pal, Miz Hawks, that’s Lyn Hawks, if you don’t already know her, recently posted on her blog, A Writer’s Journey, concerning the need for writers to, as she put it, “make it fascinating.” How do writers manage to do this?  • First, there’s the gosh-awful command of grammar, […]

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Personality and Writing

On Writing Well, by William Zinsser – 30th Anniversary Edition I had one “go-by” book to help me when I started writing: Techniques of Fiction Writing: Measure and Madness, by Leon Surmelian. I gleaned what I could from it, took copious notes, performed various exercises with the information and insights I gained. Surmelian, judging by […]

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