This is part experiment, part announcement. I have a novella up on Kindle, The Blue Bicycle. Novellas are hard to market to the industry – particularly ones written from differing points of view. So I'm hoping you'll check it out- you can download a sample for free, and if you like that, the rest is […]

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Typescript Redux

For those interested in seeing what editing critique comments and further editing does for this manuscript, visit Typescript Redux and see the "final" version of each chapter as they become available. Keep in mind that the perfect novel has never been written, and no novel is ever really finished….

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An Exemplar Of Literary Urges

The Man Who Died, by D.H. Lawrence I’ve posted before on the need for writers to gain a measure of life’s seasoning in order to have something relevant to say. This is not to claim that younger writers don’t have a perspective on life worth sharing – but it does imply that life experiences of […]

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What Goes Around…

Some fifteen years ago, I decided, after toying with poetry, short stories, and newspaper articles, to write a novel. I did, it was published, and my ego found reason to give me a swelled head as I began to see the book appear in bookstores. The novel, a mystery, A Reason To Tremble, was a […]

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