What Goes Around…

Some fifteen years ago, I decided, after toying with poetry, short stories, and newspaper articles, to write a novel. I did, it was published, and my ego found reason to give me a swelled head as I began to see the book appear in bookstores.
The novel, a mystery, A Reason To Tremble, was a mass market paperback publication, published in Canada. Ugly things happened between U.S. distributors and my publishing house, and the publishing firm went under – as did my book. A book store owner tapped into records of its distribution to stores, the returns, etc. and from this I was able to estimate that the book sold between 1500 and 2000 copies in less than six months.
I finally regained my rights to the book through a class action suit, only to find that the unbound copies hadn't been destroyed – they were still being sold – on B&N, Amazon, and a couple of other electronic bookstores.
Because of this quagmire, I did nothing with the book for over a decade. It probably sold a few more copies, but I never received any of the proceeds. And along the way, as my writing skills continued to grow, I realized it needed editing – – a lot of editing.
So recently I hit on a fun idea – I'd edit it, chapter by chapter, and re-publish it serially as a blog.
So this is to announce that A Reason To Tremble, will begin appearing this, the first week of March, 2010. It'll coincide with the launch of a new blog , Typescript .
I have no illusions about the book being re-discovered in a big way. It'll just be fun – and my way of exacting a little revenge on the parties to my book's demise.
I hope to edit and post a new chapter about once a month, but don't count on it. In the interim, you can do more than read – you can join in. Write comments: predict the plot, the way it plays out. Critique or comment on the characters, the place, the crime (it's a mystery). Second guess me. Offer suggestions. Who knows? Together, we may make this a more interesting project than I anticipate.


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