Cormac McCarthy

I imagine every writer fantasizes about having his/her writing made into successful books – and then movies. This has been McCarthy's fortune. He's a skilled and stylized writer whose work has drawn as much criticism as praise. but his work has influenced my own – and that's perhaps the greatest praise a writer can achieve.   […]

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Tim Gautreaux

I'm originally from Louisiana, but I never realized, despite the state's colorful history, that a modern writer was depicting Louisiana and its history so accurately. Once discovered, Gautreaux has become another positive for the ol' home state. Below is a review from across the "pond" of one of his more recent efforts.     Website […]

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Terry Kay

    I thought I'd highlight here a few of the U.S.'s lesser known but most respected novelists. Georgia's Terry Kay is certainly one. I first became acquainted with Kay's "To Dance With The White Dog," which was made into a movie. Terry Kay's novels include Taking Lottie Home, The Runaway, Shadow Song, and the […]

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Order Within The Maelstrom

  Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up To Me, by Richard Fariña   Buddhist theory, I’ve heard, proclaims that the human nervous system’s prime function is to find (create, perhaps) order within chaos. Fariña’s book, as a prototype for what is popularly known as postmodern literature, seems to toy with this idea as […]

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Book Review: ‘Matterhorn’ By Karl Marlantes — A Stark, Brutal Vietnam War Epic : NPR

     This recently published book is significant for readers, not because of its literary summation of this complex war, but because of the author's 30-year effort in having it accepted by the pub industry. I plan to read it this summer, then I'll compare notes with reviewer Michael Schaub. Thirty-five years have passed since the […]

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