Parsing Coetzee and Dostoevsky

It's always great to read a review of a book that gives deep background – something rarely done in  this age of all-is-hype. This is a Coetzee book that I've somehow missed previously. But not to worry – it'll soon be on my stack. The Millions : Known Answers and Unknown Questions: J.M. Coetzee’s The […]

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A Mood in the Taiga

Out Stealing Horses, by Per Petterson   This book was lying around the house, and the Missus said it was interesting, and I didn’t have any more novels on my stack, so I thought I’d give it a try. Petterson is a Norwegian writer with five novels to his credit, a former librarian whose fiction […]

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Media Convergence and Transmedia

With the growing interest in digital media, it's inevitable that these separate tech/communication paths will occasionally converge. While there will likely always be a demand for storytelling as a separate medium, it's going to be easier to add video – dramatic snippets, interviews, reviews. Possibly music will be added to help draw attention to published […]

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e-Books and Transmedia

This is a final excerpt from the latest newsletter. Transmedia seems a bit out there at the moment, but then so did e-books five years ago. What seems most relevant to today's readers and writers is set in bold below.  If the transmedia possibility takes hold, writing and publishing will no doubt seem as […]

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E-Text Books

The following is excerpted from on the rising use of e-text books. This issue should prove interesting as it evolves.    e-Textbooks Changing How We Learn Anyone who is in the "back to school mode" right now has probably been thinking about one thing in particular: textbooks. There seem to be so many options […]

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Good Advice From One Of The Best

Leap Of The Heart – Andre Dubus Talking, by Ross Gresham, Editor   I don’t know if I consider myself a short story writer or not. I do write them, but writing long fiction is what really sets my juices flowing. Still, I’ve had more luck in publishing short stories than the longer form, and […]

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