Social Media and Books

I've been looking for ways to break into social media for book promotion, and that led me once again to You Tube. After watching a couple of videos on the power of social media, YouTube point its digital finger to a couple of videos used to promote books. I'd like to share these with those […]

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Irrationality and its Pitfalls

Magic and  Mayhem, by Derek Leebaert     In the democratic model of citizen/government relationship, those in governmental power are charged with representing the interests of the people in a reasonable, rational way. Leebaert, in this book-long essay, goes to great lengths to examine the irrationalities that the U.S.’s leaders have foisted on us via […]

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A Word About The Blue Bike

In the new media world, it's hardly enough to advertise your written works in print. Social media is other there for fun, but it's increasingly being used for business – and for those of us dabbling in the arts, it can be used to let you know about those works, and even some tidbits you […]

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Truly Gritty

The missus and I had to mail a couple of packages and, having left home a few ticks too late, barely made it to this day's mid-afternoon showing of True Grit. Coming movie trailers go on interminably these days, leaving me wishing desperately for a newsreel and Mel Blanc's voice behind some wacky cartoon character. […]

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