The Gamut of True Stories

Creative Nonfiction Magazine (Fall 2010 – Issue 39)   Yet another litmag appeared in my mailbox recently – I’d entered a contest the magazine sponsors, and a subscription came along behind. This was my first exposure to the magazine, and since I’ve been doing some serious dabbling in nonfiction writing (and historical fiction), I decided […]

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You Takes Yo’ Lumps

I had a novel manuscript I was particularly proud of and when my writing pal, Lyn, mentioned the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards, I said what the hell, and I entered. Mine went into the general fiction category, and Lyn, who has written a bang-up young adult novel, entered the YA category.  The first cut was […]

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Nature and Human Nature

   Crazyhorse Litmag – Fall 2010, No. 78   I’m always curious to pick up a new litmag, if not for my personal marketing purposes, then simply to see what’s being written – and published. It’s always fun, too, to try to divine general trends the editorial staff may have for the mag, long run […]

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The Arts

With pressure on state and national legislatures to trim budgets, our collective investment in the arts through tax expenditures is threatened. What about it, folks? Is tax-funded art worthwhile? Is it's value to society different from grass-roots art? And what do you think is the value of art in our modern society?  I suspect there […]

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One More Thing…

In case it doesn't make sense that writing partners – working hard and conscientiously – might turn out a product better than either of their capabilities…all I can say is try it. To the best of my understanding, this is how it works: You've considered a piece you want to write, you've put it on […]

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