The Ultimate Rejection Slip

We writers need to keep our humor about us when it comes to rejection of the work we've toiled over so long and so carefully. That's where exaggeration of the process comes into play. Here's the best, most vitriolic rejection anyone ever made up. Hope it makes you laugh, too. Advertisements

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Why Do We Read?

The missus and I met with two other couples yesterday afternoon for a neighborly chitchat. It didn't take long for the conversation to drift toward end-of-life issues. Not that any of us suspect the end is in sight; it's just that another, older neighbor does feel so, and he seems bent on drawing as many […]

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Bluestone Bests Most

Of the occasional litmags I receive, The Bluestone Review proves to be the most unusual – and the most interesting. But an aside: I had been asked by writing friend Addie Davis to submit something to them, and not knowing much about the magazine, I submitted three pieces of poetry I'd written a couple of years […]

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The Atlantic Just Doesn’t Get It

In the May 2011 issue of The Atlantic, James Bennet tells us of a writer who depicted the state of published short stories thusly: "…not quite dead on the page,I won't go that far, but airless…show-offy rather than entertaining, self-important rather than interesting, guarded and self-conscious rather than gloriously open, and worst of all, written […]

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Those Rejections

This response to a submitted manuscript harvested from Harper's magazine, while it's from the journal, Environmental Microbiology, could just as well be to a writer of fiction or creative non-fiction.  The biggest problem with this manuscript, which has nearly sucked the will to live out of me, is the terrible writing style. Feel better about […]

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This Just In….

Sometimes things work out in favor of your arguments. The May/Jun 2011 issue of Poets & Writers magazine ran an article on the demographics of literary contests, and I couldn't be more pleased to discover that I wasn't barking up the wrong tree in my last post.  Many who read this post may subscribe to […]

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Contesting Contests

One approach to resume-building for writers is writing contests. On the surface of it, entering contests sounds like a way to elbow your way to the top of your genre. It often is, but you have to be careful in what you enter. I recently received the results of a fiction contest I entered, and […]

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