Freakonomics » How I Self-Published a Book, And How You Can Too

Sad to say, but this article tells it exactly how it is in the pub industry. The only caveat is that the author has had the advantage of five conventionally published books on which to build his digital platform.


This is a cross-post from James Altucher‘s blog Altucher Confidential. His previous appearances on the Freakonomics blog can be found here.


And while we're on the subject of writing and publishing, this post from The Millions may instruct and perhaps hearten writers of short fiction.

And then there's this from bookhitch:

We had wonderful feedback from our first Bookhitch Customer Satisfaction Survey. Over 25% percent of our customers expressed an interest in eBook conversions. Bookhitch can convert your book(s) to be accessible in both the Kindle and ePub formats.  Just send us your file(s) as a PDF or Word document. Click on the link below to view our eBook Media Package with personalized options to fit your every need.  Let Bookhitch assist you with your eBook conversions, today!  

Click here to view the eBook Media Package

If you didn't have a chance to respond to our first Customer Satisfaction Survey and would like to do so now: Click Here


Hope this gives you writers a boost. Later.


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