Fiction’s Precipice

A Wild Surge of Guilty Passion, by Ron Hansen   Here’s one thing I’ve learned from several years of reading, analyzing (and enjoying) historical fiction: while it should lean heavily on the story’s real-life history, the story will read best when it adheres to one of the structures of good fiction. Hansen has always been […]

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The Good and the Sad

A couple of days ago, I received notice from the website of the band, America, that they'd just released a new album, Back Pages, a compilation of covers of some of their favorite artists, including oldies Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, The Beach Boys, Bob Dylan, James Taylor, and Mark Knopfler, as well as some relative […]

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Settling the Voice

Following my concern over voice in a previous post, I settled in to toy with the story in question, which was largely in narrative – by my principal character. This person, while not as articulate as my normal narrator, is perceptive enough to cast his voice as he would speak. Problem solved! image via […]

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Writer’s Progress

image via One more time through the short stories I'm writing (a collection of connected stories set in and about an Alabama pool hall) is turning up a few tweaks. Then one more time to polish.

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Primitive Peace within a World at War

Lost in Shangri-La, by Mitchell Zuckoff   image via Mitchell Zuckoff has unearthed a compelling story of a lost world amid the global conflagration of WWII. Under his hand, however, the story’s facts aren’t given their just deserts. Here’s the story, writ small: A group of American army types stationed in New Guinea as […]

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