The Dark Kansas of Anna Karenina

Anna Karenina – Section Three, by Leo Tolstoy   image via So now we’re into what I call the “Kansas” of a novel: the characters are defined, the plot underway toward the opposite coast; i.e., the crisis point and denouement. But first to bring you up to date. Tolstoy spends a lot of time […]

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Who Says Baseball Is Boring?

The missus and I decided we had to make one last baseball game before the Asheville Tourist season is over, so we hurried through chores and made it just in time for the first pitch tonight. For us, our baseball nights are ones of decadence, filled with hot dogs, Yuengling, pulled pork sandwiches, peanuts, and […]

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Tales of City and Countryside

Anna Karenina – Section Two, by Leo Tolstoy image via Tolstoy doesn’t change horses as one might expect of an authorial dividing line between sections of this story. Keep in mind that serialized stories must be written so that each segment clings desperately to those on either side in order to keep readers enthralled. […]

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Another Acceptance

image via   I was just notified tonight that an e-zine, Imitation Fruit, had accepted yet another story of mine, this one from my (hopefully) soon to be published collection of connected short stories. The story will be out in IF's November issue. Please look for it.  

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It’s Tome Time

  image via   Being summer, albeit near-Indian summer this time, I’ve made a practice of pulling out a major volume to read within the afternoon’s refrigerated inside air.  This year I’m digging into a new edition of Leo Tolstoy’s second major work, Anna Karenina, by my fave translators, Volokhonsky and Pevear.   The […]

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