After the MFA – Apps for Writing on the iPad

Writers out there: if you're thinking about buying a tablet such as iPad to do your writing on, check out this link.


Writing on the iPad was one of the main excuses I came up with for getting this elegant piece of technology. After purchasing it, I soon realized that it wasn’t as useful as I thought it would be for writing. The main problem was the on-screen keyboard, but there was also a serious lack of writing-focused apps.



4 thoughts on “After the MFA – Apps for Writing on the iPad

  1. The small size is convenient but still trying to find a way to convert its portability to be useful for work. I’m thinking of trying a stylus. Very, very useful for relaxing (playing) as a distraction.

  2. I remember early Apple computers wouldn’t handle large text files. I had to break up novel mss in order to continue writing. From what I hear, tablets such as iPad are a bit limited in that regard. And the keyboard would flummox me, I think. I’m not a good enough typist to be able to use a virtual keyboard fluidly.

  3. I find typing awkward and use the hunt and peck method. Also, I predict extended normal typing would create a neck cramp from viewing the screen at an angle to prevent carpel tunnel…

  4. You can always accessorize…there are stands to buy so you can set it on a table or desk, but you’d have to type at an awkward angle. I just don’t think tablets are made for that.

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