The Millions : The E-Reader of Sand: The Kindle and the Inner Conflict Between Consumer and Booklover

The article from the link below is an interesting one from this, the watershed point between digital and print books. I understand the writer's "object" attraction to books; however, I see it as a tad egotistical. I've found myself keeping only the print "treasures" I've amassed, and gotten rid of the rest. I've almost never regretted getting rid of my literary flotsam.

I've even committed to digitizing another "treasure trove" of mine – my LP vinyl and CD collection. I'm not sure why this is important to me – other than saving space, but I find this ephemeralization all too attractive.

So with that in mind, I think e-book readers that hold thousands of books are the answer to a previously intractable problem.


“I can show you a sacred book that might interest a man such as yourself” – Jorge Luis Borges, “The Book of Sand”



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