A Renaissance of Reason

The Abacus and the Cross, by Nancy Marie Brown   image via booku.com Nonfiction is still very much in vogue, and this book proves there’s no end in sight to the wealth of research to be done, stories to be told of historical characters.  This book’s subtitle, “The Story of the Pope Who Brought the […]

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As The Digital World Turns

image via gadgetbox.msnbc.msn.com Today, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos unveiled, as expected, the new Kindle Fire. But a couple of comments. I've been an Apple guy for a long time, over twenty years, have always bought Apple productes and operating systems, even when they were problematic. But there's one thing about the iPhone and iPad I […]

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Will Amazon’s Tablet Finally Challenge The iPad? – Technology – The Atlantic Wire

Wait for it…wait…. Speculation is mounting in advance of Wednesday's Amazon press conference, at which the company is expected to announce a new tablet computing device aimed at competing with Apple's wildly successful iPad. The path of competition with the iPad is well-trod, and it has led, so far, to heartbreak. But tech experts think […]

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A Denouement and a Bit of a Summary

Anna Karenina – Section Eight, by Leo Tolstoy   image via pinkofperfection.com Vronsky has received a note from Anna, written prior to her following him to the train station – begging him to return to her.  With this in hand, and as he learns of Anna’s death, he’s devastated. Since he’s a soldier, he determines […]

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Thinking About Endings

I've just finished editing a novel of mine that's gone out of print (editing in this case is almost like writing the story anew; I've learned more about the craft, and markets and readers have changed). It's something of a mystery, a family seeking justice in the death of a child. There's an underlying concept […]

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Anna’s Crisis – and Lévin’s

Anna Karenina – Section Seven, by Leo Tolstoy   image via hostilework.blogspot.com There’s been a slowly fructifying issue in the story to date, and I haven’t been giving it its due: that Lévin is slowly creeping toward an existential showdown within himself over religious belief. In this section, having read book after book of philosophy […]

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