As The Digital World Turns

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Today, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos unveiled, as expected, the new Kindle Fire. But a couple of comments.

I've been an Apple guy for a long time, over twenty years, have always bought Apple productes and operating systems, even when they were problematic. But there's one thing about the iPhone and iPad I just can't get by – – the fact that, once you've purchased the hardware, you still have to pony up a monthly fee to AT&T or Verizon to make the darn thing functional. I do so hate being nickel and dimed like that.

Digital books have been increasingly attractive to me – both as writer and reader – so some months ago I boughts a Kindle DX. I like it. I use it. More than half the books I read are digital now. I tried newspapers on Kindle but didn't like the fast fly-by the digital papers gave the news. There are other traits of the Kindle I haven't liked – no color, changing pages and looking back over multiple pages seems awfully primitive, compared to reading the same texts on my iPod Touch's tiny screen. 

But finally, Amazon seems to have gotten the upper hand – offering a tablet for less than $200 that can handle movies, books, games, i.e., the whole nine yards. And the best thing? It works with WiFi. 

What this is telling me – in loud and clear fashion – is that now (if not previously) the world of digital print is about to catch fire. Think about that, you readers out there – and especially you writers. Your professional world is going to change in ways you've never imagined. 



3 thoughts on “As The Digital World Turns

  1. I read USA Today on my WiFi only iPad. Not willing to pay for the New York Times or Wall Street Journal. Did pay for the NYT crossword puzzle app ($15? per year.) I find the USA Today articles short but pick up a quickie awareness on ones that the local paper, Columbus Dispatch, don’t include. The Economist and Bloomberg Business week magazine downloads are well presented and easy to read when away from my WiFi source here at the house. Overall a very satisfactory experience.

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