Being In Your Body

Becoming Animal – An Earthly Cosmology, by David Abram   image via   This is an important book. I’ve long held, upon viewing social practices of the last thirty years or so, as well as the tack of intellectual disciplines over that time, that we’re entering an era in which our right brain activities […]

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Sam in Print

Last year I began writing a series of connected short stories, all taking place in or about the edge-of-the-law social center of a fictional town in Alabama, a pool hall called Sam's Place. Two of the stories have appeared in print, in one form or another, and this one is the latest. "What Might've Been" is […]

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Of Dark Moods

Maybe it was my mood this month, or maybe it was  - as sometimes happens – an off-month for Harper's Magazine, perhaps suffering its own dark mood.  The articles were all to the appropriate point, of course, but not with the unique perspectives I'm used to from Harper's. For example: There is among their introductory […]

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Book Trailers

Only a few years ago, making book trailers as a promotional tool was probably beyond the cost and the technical expertise of most of us. But nowadays, it's not that hard. Bookhitch provided this information on this valuable marketing tool.   Book Trailers as a Promotional Tool    With the advent of eBooks, authors are […]

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Print Books Away

The following is a reprint from the latest edition of It's hard to tell whether it was written tongue in cheek, but I sense a chilling touch of reality to it:   The Shelf Life of a Book Predictions about the meteoric rise of eBooks are usually accompanied by dire forecasts that bemoan the […]

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