The Millions : Do it Yourself: Self-Published Authors Take Matters Into Their Own Hands

This is a reblog from The Millions, pointing out from different perspectives the new reality in publishing. It's entrepreneurial, and it cuts every publishing step between the writing and the customers' reading. But there are dangers, too. A must-read:


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1. More than a few times, my father has waxed lyrical about my future appearance on David Letterman. “You’ll tell him how your dear dad is your greatest influence.” In this fantasy, I’m not an movie star, or even someone with a talented pet. I’m a novelist. “Dad,” I say, “why would Letterman have me — a writer — on his show?” My father doesn’t have an answer. He just shrugs, as if to say, Why not? My father also believes Oprah would take his call. And that he can hand-sell a thousand copies of my (as yet unpublished) novel to people who owe him favors. ”Make it ten thousand,” he says. “Show those numbers to your agent.” Sure, Dad. Okay.



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