iOS5 Giveth and iOS5 Taketh

I'm certainly not the savviest guy on the block wihen it comes to computer code and its accompanying hardware, and forgive the Biblical-sounding post title for something as contemporary as next week. I'm simply a technology user – a techno-geek in the missus' eyes – but one who struggles to keep up. 

I did download this new OS on my iPod Touch – and first the good stuff: I'd  bought an AppleTV when the second version came out, and found using it clunky in the extreme, even with the remote. But with iOS5, my iPod Touch can now be used as a remote. I can click on a movie I've downloaded to the iPod Touch and voila! I'm a foolproof click away from an easy movie watch.


But the good doesn't come without the bad: I'm hamstrung now when trying to update my apps on the Touch. I've since changed my Apple ID to my new e-mail address, but my previously bought apps have been assigned to the old e-mail address, which I no longer have at my disposal. To verify the update, Apple sends an e-mail to a now non-existent e-address that I must respond to – thus I'm caught in an Apple Catch-22. Apple seems to have no answer for this. And I've checked with my local Apple repair guy, looking for a way around this. Not there. Certainly I'm not the only person caught in the "new e-mail loop" of Apple's.

How about it, Apple? A fix?


2 thoughts on “iOS5 Giveth and iOS5 Taketh

  1. As happy as I am with Apple generally, since the IIc anyway, the AppleId caused us to lose the first $40, or so, of purchased apps. UGH! I feel your frustration.

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