A Jaundiced Eye on OSX Lion

Ordinarily, I'm all for Apple's latest OS evolutionary steps, and I understand their direction is headed toward iOS 5 – the latest software for iPod Touch, iPhone, etc. And I have absolutely no problem with buying the new OS exclusively as a download. Too, I really didn't mind buying new versions of ancillary software I use on my Mac to replace ones not compatible with Lion. However, there are fundamental traits of Lion that I just don't care for. 


image via buzzbox.com

First, LaunchPad seems an unnecessary step. To get to Safari, for instance, click on LaunchPad, then on the Launchpad icon for Safari. Why not click on Safari right from the dock?

The "All My Files" item on the Finder's Favorites menu seemed handy at first blush, and I think it would be for someone with a messy, cluttered computer. Me? I'm – well – organized, and "All My Files" gets in the way – particularly since it's always favored over my personal menu item on Finder.

And I groan every time I click on a WORD file, for instance, and Lion gives me not only the file in question, but the last 3-4 WORD files I've opened. 

I'm a writer – I use my Mac almost exclusively for writing. While I can appreciate all the new pathways, I'm not certain how the planned-for merging of OSX 7 and iOS 5 is going to work out. I can only hope it doesn't make things harder on writers.

And while I'm at it, Apple, why not a word processing routine for the next version of iPad?


One thought on “A Jaundiced Eye on OSX Lion

  1. Same multi-file history opens with Preview. Can’t say it’s helpful. I much prefer the OPEN RECENT menu item when such is wanted.

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