The Millions : A Year in Reading: Nick Moran

I blog very little about poetry, and that's to my discredit. So I'm posting this listing by Nick Moran, who mentions one of the most important poets of the 20th century, James Dickey.

Dickey used to hang out at one of my favorite Atlanta haunts, Manuel's Tavern, where he held court with acolytes and sycophants. Dickey was a flawed man in a number of ways, but such imperfections most often feed the poet's muse. They certainly did for Dickey. The excerpt here of Dickey's poem, "The Firebombing," is one of his most poignant pieces in perhaps his best collection, Buckdancer's Choice.


image via

I’ve always loved recommending books to people. At parties, I’ve been known to hold hostages in front of my bookshelves. I have, however, always preferred to let the books speak for themselves. I like sharing passages more than impressions, and I think that’s the best route to take.



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