Amazon’s Jungle Logic –

As The Digital World Turns…..

This NYT will tell you about several things: 1) how the digital revolution is gaining more than a toehold, 2) how the digital revolution is affecting the print world of books, 3) how ugly free-form capitalism can be, 4) how inevitable free-form capitalism can be.

The "big box" book stores are on the way out, but what about the "mom 'n' pop" book stores, such as Ann Patchett's, mentioned in this article? Some, such as Malaprops, in the town where I live, are adapting. The rest of the indies will have to adapt, too, or go the way of the big boxes.

No one ever said it was going to be pretty…

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Scott reminds me what happened the last time someone stood up to Amazon. Nearly two years ago, the Macmillan publishing group adopted a new sales model that would cost Macmillan in the short run, but allow other companies to enter or remain in the e-book market without having to take a loss on every sale. Amazon’s response to more competition? They refused to sell not merely Macmillan’s e-books, but nearly every physical book Macmillan published. Amazon eventually backed down, but its initial response helped shape a widespread sense that it envisions a world in which there will be no other booksellers or publishers, a world where, history suggests, Amazon may not use its power benignly or for the benefit of literary culture.



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