Doing It Your Way

Bob Mayer is a prominent proponent of DIY publishing, particularly going the digital route. He's not a disgruntled, failed writer, but one who understands – better than the traditional pub biz – the new publishing and its dynamics. In a recent blog post, Mayer details a few predictions for the new year – and beyond. 

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The most interesting points he makes here are:

  • The traditional pub biz is SLOW. Which is part of the reason authors, and now agents, are beginning to publish. 
  • Royalty rates are low in the traditional biz: 15-25% – – Really? There's no reason why books can't be published and sold at a 70% rate in the digital world.
  • And the obvious – those who drag their feet or ignore the digital revolution will soon be toast. 

And I have a couple of thoughts of my own to ponder:

  • The number of people writing – and writing well – is astronomically high compared to two decades ago. That's another reason why the traditional pub biz is quickly becoming dysfunctional.
  • With that in mind, the better authors who publish their own work will find it ever easier to find regional or niche markets. 

It's a brave new world for writers, and in some sense success will be easier. But such success increasingly won't involve the traditional pub biz.


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