A Few Wise Words


image via awpwriter.org

The Writer's Chronicle magazine has become my "go-to" source for finding out how other writers think about the process and craft of writing. A few pithy quotes in that regard from the February 2012 issue:

  • "What does literature do for me? I think I solve problems in my writing. They may be my problems, but perhaps others share them, and in the process of working these through, I hope to entertain." ~ Sabina Murray ~
  • "It may be that, however he identifies himself, every good novelist is at heart an anarchist." ~Askold Melnyczuk~
  • Yet of the writing of fiction, he (William Maxwell) says, "The difference between this and hallucination is not all that much." 
  • "So where did Mark Twain get his ideas? By starting with intense feeling and then groping toward story." ~ Alice Mattison ~



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