The Millions : Where We Write

Searching for the perfect spot for the muse to crawl across your shoulder and begin those creative whispers? Check this out. The ultimate in writing spaces seems to be the writing shed, a spare, distraction-free room set in some verdant landscape, where, in fertile solitude, the writer may create worlds out of nothing. Roald Dahl […]

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Writers and Agents

I've recently had advice from an agent (who didn't sign me) concerning one of my novel manuscripts, and my pal Lyn is deep into negotiations with her agent over her novel's structure. image via What seems clear from both conversations is that agents are, for the most part good to excellent readers. However, most […]

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Honesty In Memoir

A Moveable Feast, by Ernest Hemingway image via   I hadn’t given this book a read in many years, and so after reading Hemingway’s Boat, I decided to take it on again. It’s funny, but it was as if I had never read it the first time. I think that as a writer and […]

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Why Writing Contests?

image via The reasons for not entering writing contests are compelling: You're one voice in a (very large) crowd. You most likely have to pay to enter. There's a screening process – your work is not screened by the judge. Scams abound in writing contests Just to name a few. But there are some […]

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Making Hay of Social Media

As a group, we writers seem resistant to go digital/electronic. I admit, there's nothing like thumbing through a just-published book with one's name on it. Still, the digital world is ever more a reality these days. bookhitch posted this on making use of social media. I'm just sayin'….      Tweet Your Way to the Top Of […]

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