A New One

I write all sorts of stories. The one I'm on about here was inspired by a trip to Mexico over a decade ago. I had what you might call "creepy crawly" feelings down there – maybe so many ancient cultures leaving all sorts of feelings in the writerly ethers. At any rate, it's been a tough one to find the right home for – sort of like an ugly dog that barks too much and occasionally bites. 


Mail Attachment


But finally Paul Anderson, an editor with Post Mortem Press liked what he saw in my story and – after some editing that challenged us both, I think – he took it. It'll be out soon in an anthology PMP is calling Torn Realities. If you like your time-space continuum slightly ragged, then you'll probably like my story, along with the others. Check out PMP here. After all, everyone likes bent reality and scary stuff, even when Halloween is months away.

It's slated to premiere at the World Horror Convention in Salt Lake City at the end of March, so if you're in that area stop by. Otherwise look for your copy at PMP.


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