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Although I don't sit to write for more than 2-3 hours per day, I do have a fairly prolific output. And for that reason, writer's block is an alien concept to me. Not that everything I write is top drawer, you understand. Sometimes I bite off too complicated a subject, or one that's too hard to make a story of. But sometimes an idea fits me just right and flows onto my digital pages as if I'm taking dictation.

That said, where do the ideas come from? I've posted on this before, and my answer remains somewhat vague. In retrospect, I really can't tell you that, yes, I devised this idea while walking at a nearby lake. Or I worked this one out while planting my vegetable garden. Or that one popped into my thoughts while driving. 

All of these are true to some extent, though. But were I to generalize, I can only say that I tend to chronicle life about me. Life is archetypal to a certain degree. That is, we all live similar lives, made different by millions of degrees of fate and choice and external circumstance. But each choice, each circumstance, sets us apart from one another, creating the potential for the specifics of story. 


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All one has to do is to be open to life, without judgment, and stories are born. 


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