To Kindle Or To Pad?

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I recently had a weak moment and bought an iPad. The reason? Rumors flying hot and heavy that there'll soon be apps for MS Office. Which means I can use the Pad for all the "normal" iPad things and as a makeshift laptop for my writing. 

And I bought a digital book this week (more on that particular book in a few weeks), so I wanted to compare readability on the iPad with that for a Kindle. The thing I really like about reading on the Pad is the backlighting. I sometimes have trouble with readability on the Kindle even outside, where it's supposed to excel. I also really like "swiping" pages, as I might in a print book. And you can touch the screen easily to go HOME or to adjust the print size, etc.

What I'm concerned about, after an hour of reading is that the touch screen is extremely sensitive. My fingers tend to creep toward the screeen a bit and before I know it, I'm moving a page or performing some other unwanted gesture. 

As I use the Pad more, I may want to move more that way, but for now, it's a draw. 


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