image via muslimyouth.net

If there was ever any doubt that we and computer technology have become mutually embedded, that doubt dissolved this week. My computer apparently became manically depressed and refused to downlod crucial items: tax software, bookkeeping software updates, and writing information found on the Net. It also refused to print. So off to the repair shop I went.

The problems almost made Sisyphus of my techie pals at Irradiance Technologies, but said problems were finally conquered. Meanwhile, I limped along with the help on my ancient laptop, its screen seeming the size of a postage stamp as I worked on the presentation mentioned below. Finally, my big screen back, I feel as though I'm doing my digital chores in VistaVision, printing happens, and taxes are almost done.

My writing pal, Lyn, yesterday sent me a blurb from the North Carolina Writers network in which the Los Angeles Review announced its willingness to review self-published books:

We recognize that advancements in digital technology have made self-publishing a viable alternative to traditional publishing. However, few literary journals review books in this growing and potentially important field. Our goal is to publish at least one review of a self-published book per month throughout the year.

And as mentioned, I'm presenting at the national Graduate Liberal Studies Conference this weekend on "Searching for Perspective – Hemingway and American Writers in Paris." If you're anywhere near Johnson City, TN, stop by tomorrow and enjoy the conference.


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