Good-bye, Doc

His life of music was one in which he chronicled the American experience as it came to him from tradition and history as bluegrass bled through and became country, from other musicians playing that hard-to-categorize genre called folk, which taken together, assayed America as well or better than anything Mark Twain ever wrote.

A’ Pilgriming We Will Go

This is the poetry of that age, and is written in almost perfect…iambic pentameter, the rhyming scheme in what eventually came to be called doublets, i.e., each succeeding pair of lines ends in a rhyme. There are no stanzas; instead, the text goes on continuously without the breaks we normally see in modern poetry.

Aliens In War

This movie, as a social mirror, tells us we’ve come a long way in the U.S. in ameliorating discrimination, but that the shadows of discrimination remain all too hauntingly with us.

Channeling The Past

I’ve just finished writing a scene for my medieval historical novel – a scene I’d been dreading…I found I had to resort to what’s worked in the past. Rather than try to devise the debate scene’s dialogue analytically, based on hours of probably unrewarding research, I allowed my mind to go blank and, well, I just wrote.

Drowning In Too Many Realities

Harper's Magazine – June 2012 Yep. I knew it was just an anomaly. Harper's may have a boring, harum-scarum issue once in a while, but it never lasts. The June 2012 issue is one of those you wait for, its pieces set forth with an almost poetic sensibility. No? Then let me tell you how…