Arts and Letters – Issue 26, Spring 2012

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I’ve become somewhat jaded about literary magazines, particularly those sponsored and published by the various colleges and universities, but not this time. This publication by Georgia College in Milledgeville, GA, contains some of the best writing by up and coming writers I’ve seen between print covers (btw, A&L also now offers an e-version).

This being a publication from a Southern college, I’m pleased to see pieces from all cultural angles and all subject matter, although death seems oddly prominent in this collection. Of particular interest to this reader is a full-tilt drama by James C. McKelly, a fiction piece by Courtney Marcello Norton, an interview with fiction writer, Liza Wieland, and a clever piece of poetry by Stephanie Ivanoff.

If I have a criticism, it’s a general one: some pieces seem overdone, length-wise, but that’s mostly a question of taste on my part. Kudos to writers and editors alike.


My rating: 17 of 20 stars





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