Medieval Second Half

Is this writerly insecurity? Yep. At this point in the process, it’s hard to say how well I’ve done, whether it will compel readers, and whether some harried agent will like it.

Fun-Awful Dissertation

The central idea in Drift lies in her chronicling of the somewhat innocent way in which the U.S. Congress has gradually ceded the right to declare war to the President. Her investigatory data isn’t controversial; it’s all a matter of record.

Deep Inside The Events of History

  image via The Divorce of Henry VIII – – The Untold Story From Inside The Vatican, by Catherine Fletcher. One of the slams against history, one that fiction often attempts to solve, is that history texts, research papers, biographies, and history-as-consumer-nonfiction often strike a pose from afar, leaving too many details out. Such…

The Writer’s World

Writers! Think you have nothing to write about? You’re hopelessly blocked? Take a look around.

The Millions : Bolaño’s Last, Great Secret

I’ve grown more and more interested in Roberto Bolaño’s work since I read 2666. Many of his fans are applying for postumous cult status for him as a fantabulist, a magical realist, and that’s all right, I suppose. But I don’t think he’s in the same class with the other Latin Americans ascribing to that literary sensibility; in fact he may be miscast there. He’s more of a social realist clothed in mystery.

The Internet and IRL

image via   Writers who have had the good fortune to have something published a few times a year invariably look to the Internet for its marketing possibilities. There are several avenues open on the Net for self-promotion, and my experience tells me this: Facebook/Twitter – with almost a billion active users, you can…


Arts and Letters – Issue 26, Spring 2012 image via  I’ve become somewhat jaded about literary magazines, particularly those sponsored and published by the various colleges and universities, but not this time. This publication by Georgia College in Milledgeville, GA, contains some of the best writing by up and coming writers I’ve seen between…