Barnes & Noble Nook Facing An Uphill Battle As eReader Devices Advance

Advertising efforts by me, for my books, has taken an uptick over the past week. I confess, I'm publishing some through Amazon's CreateSpace, and I get some inkling of the sales distribution from them.

The odd part? Very few of my sales are coming directly from Amazon. Virtually all print sales are from "extended distribution," which I suspect is largely Barnes& Noble. And I'm receiving very few Kindle sales. This set me to considering the distribution of e-readers out there. According to this article, the Nook has 27% of the e-book market, Amazon 60%, and the other 13% must be spread between androids and Apple e-readers.

What's behind these conflicting data? I can't say for sure, but there are two prominent possibilities: the Nook is in color and is back-lit (as are the Apple readers) and the Kindle isn't. Also some e-book consumers may be shying away from Amazon because of their stature in the marketplace, i.e., people often tend to go with the underdog –  - all other things more or less equal. 

image via Reuters/AP

Barnes & Noble Says U.S. eBooks Lawsuit Against Publishers, Apple Hurts People By Phil Wahba (Reuters) – Barnes & Noble Inc has objected to the U.S. government's proposed settlement of its price-fixing lawsuit against top publishers,…



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